After The Echo - Self Titled (2020)     

       Drums, percussion, guitar, bass ,keys, vocals, songwriter, engineer/mixer/producer

WarrenScottBand - "The New Deal" (2019)
     Drums, percussion, guitar, keys, vocals, songwriter, engineer/mixer/producer

Chris McAllister - "Sacrifice Your Soul" Single (2019)

       Mixing, Mastering, Organ

Pavelle - "Graduation Day" Single (2018)     

     Drums, songwriter

Bird Streets - Self Titled (2018)
     Drums, percussion on "Spaceship," "Same Dream."

Pavelle - "My Beautiful Unknown" (2016)

     Drums, percussion, backing vocals, production

Scott Tofte - "Please Excuse Me (2015)

       Guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals, producer/engineer

Craig Greenberg - “The Grand Loss & Legacy” (2015)
     Drums on "Weekend Holiday," "That Girl is Wrong For You," "Fools and Thieves." Additional percussion, vocals, production. 

The Foggy Dudes - Self Titled (2012)
     Percussion, guitar, vocals, engineer/mixer/producer

WarrenScottBand - “Sweet Bin Music” (2011)
     Drums, vocals, songwriter

For-Hire Composer
     original music for various media 
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