After The Echo is the brand new music project fronted by Scott Tofte. The debut album features a genre-hopping collection of original music performed by some of New York's best and brightest players. 

Written and produced by Scott Tofte (WarrenScottBand, Pavelle), the self-titled debut of After The Echo contains 12 songs that have been meticulously crafted and recorded over the past four years in-between other projects. 

Recorded with the assistance of Chris Kelly (Pavelle, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes) and Dan Caruso (Blue Shift), the record features the talents of the Jon Lijoi and Brad Mulholland (Night of the Living Funk), Patrick Brennan (Pavelle, Hunt For Hunter), Mitch Marcus (Molly Tigre), Nick Semrad (Corey Henry and the Funk Apostles), Alex Marchica (Square Won), and John Brodeur (Bird Streets).

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