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"Only Stars" by After The Echo is available now for streaming on all services, as well as for purchase on digital and vinyl. The album consists of 9 original songs written, recorded, and produced by Scott Tofte and his collaborators in "After The Echo"



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Having earned a B.A. in Music Education/Percussion from Fredonia State University, Scott has performed on drums and percussion for a wide variety of artists both in-studio and on stage. With a strong focus on playing what is right "for the song," he advocates a simple yet strong style of playing that demonstrates taste and time. 

On Record: After The Echo, Bird Streets, Craig Greenberg, The Foggy Dudes, Pavelle, WarrenScottBand

On Stage: After The EchoAlex Miller, Andy Mac, Craig Greenberg, The Foggy Dudes, John Brodeur, John Schmitt, Leave a Lasting Mark Concert Series, Mya Byrne, Pavelle, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes, WarrenScottBand

In The Pit: Once Upon a Mattress, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Anything Goes, Annie, Oliver!, Little Shop of Horrors, The Drowsy Chaperone, Into The Woods, Godspell, The Prom



A player of over 25 years, Scott draws inspiration from guitar heroes such as Joe Walsh and John Mayer, as well as from artists like Foo Fighters, The Beatles, and more. Much like his drumming, he strives to play the parts that best fit the song. He's a quick study when learning, and composes with a ear toward melody. His training as a percussionist often informs his guitar playing as well. 

On Record: After The Echo, WarrenScottBand

On Stage: After The EchoJohn Brodeur, John Schmitt, Leave a Lasting Mark Concert Series, Mya Byrne, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes, WarrenScottBand



Lyrics, composition, and arrangement are some of Scott's favorite creative outlets. As the driving force behind "After The Echo" and one half of "WarrenScottBand," Scott has had his fingers in all facets of writing, recording, and releasing original music since 2011. He tends to draw inspiration from personal life experiences, but also tells stories from different points of view, leaving content up to the

interpretation of the listener. In addition to popular music, Tofte also composes music beds, scores, and theme songs for podcasts, audio dramas, and more. 

On Record: After The Echo, Pavelle, WarrenScottBand, "Geek By Night" original score, "TMNT Minute Presents 'Up From Below'" original score, various podcast themes


As a recording engineer, producer, and mix-engineer, Scott has been working in every element of the creative process for over 10 years. From creating, tracking, and mixing in his home studio (Wrong Decade Studio) to working in other independent NYC studios (Studio Del Diablo, Wildwood Recording), Scott has honed his skills, capturing quality audio and bringing out the best in clients. 

His background as a conductor, band leader, and educator have instilled in him a great sense of confidence, as well as a knack for

clear and constructive communication. He thinks about music with a sense of phrasing and shape, and always pushes his clients to give their best performance. 

Producer Credits: After The Echo, Partners In Kryme, Pavelle, WarrenScottBand

Recording Engineer Credits: Andy Mac, After The Echo, Craig Greenberg, The Foggy Dudes, "Geek By Night" podcast, Partners In Kryme, Pavelle, "The Runaway Clone" live theatrical recording, WarrenScottBand

Mixing/Mastering CreditsAndy Mac, After The Echo, Chris McCallister, The Foggy Dudes,"Geek By Night" podcastPartners In Kryme, Pavelle, "The Runaway Clone" live theatrical recording, WarrenScottBand


Scott Tofte has been teaching music to students from the ages of 5 to 55 since the early 2000's. He is a certified teacher in New York State, and possesses  a B.A. in Music Education from Fredonia State University's as well as a Master's Degree from Stony Brook University. He has conducted concert bands, jazz ensembles, African drumming groups, and modern bands from the Adirondacks to Brooklyn. His teaching philosophy is that a students' love of music should be the driving force behind their instrumental learning; skills and technique are important, but passion and joy are the true motivators. To that end, his goal is to get students playing full pieces of music as quickly as possible.


Born and raised in central New York before moving to Brooklyn in 2011, Scott is a multi-instrumentalist performer, producer, composer, songwriter, and recording engineer. 

WIth music degrees from Fredonia State University as well as Stony Brook University, he has established himself as a workhorse in and around the NY metro area. 

Whether as a member of numerous local bands, a for-hire musician or studio hand, or a producer/songwriter, Scott has earned rave reviews for his work ethic, professionalism, and expertise. 




As a host, voice-actor, and composer Scott has been podcasting since 2007. He works primarily with the Dueling Genre Podcast Network, providing music for several shows, as well as hosting and acting in Geek By Night, TMNT Minute as well as guesting on many other shows on the network. 

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