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After The Echo is the original music project fronted by Scott Tofte. Music is written, performed, and recorded by Tofte with the input his band of collaborators., @aftertheecho

WarrenScottBand is a pop/rock music project consisting of Brandon Warren, Scott Tofte, and Will Prapestis. The trio writes, records, and performs their own material and draws inspiration from the sounds of 1960's and 70's popular hits., @warrenscottband


Pavelle was a hard rocking pop/punk band consisting of TK Frantz, Julian Jacobson, Chris Kelly, Pat Brennan, and Scott Tofte. They released a full-length album and several singles between 2013 and 2017, which you can still get on all major streaming platforms. Scott co-wrote, played drums, and co-produced their releases. Pavelle on BandCamp

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Drummer/Guitarist -  Scott Tofte has been performing live on drums/percussion, guitar, and vocals since 1999. With conservatory training and over two decades of practical gigging experience, he's a talented and reliable player who is suited to a variety of genres. Click Here to contact. 


Podcasting - As a host as well as voice-actor, Scott has been podcasting since 2007. He works primarily with the Dueling Genre Podcast Network, providing music for several shows, as well as hosting and acting in Geek By Night, TMNT Minute, and ScreenPlay,  as well as featuring on many other shows on the network. 


Scott Tofte has been teaching music to students from the ages of 5 to 55 since the early 2000's. He is a certified teacher in New York State, and possesses  a BA in Music Education from Fredonia State University's as well as a MA from Stony Brook University.

Wrong Decade Studio is a music/audio production and recording service owned and operated by Scott Tofte. Under Wrong Decade, Tofte works as a mix engineer, music producer, freelance composer, and audio producer and editor.

WDS has a long list of clients. Click Here for contact information 


Born and raised in central New York before moving to Brooklyn in 2011, Scott is a multi-instrumentalist performer, producer, composer, songwriter, and recording engineer. 

WIth degrees in Music Education from Fredonia State University as well as Stony Brook University, he has established himself as a workhorse in and around the NY metro area. 

Whether as a member of numerous local bands, a for-hire studio hand, or a producer/songwriter, Scott has earned rave reviews for his work ethic, professionalism, and expertise. 

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