Performing together since 2004, Brandon Warren and Scott Tofte have crafted a classic, honest sound that is straight-up -rock n' roll.


Blending elements of their influences (Beach Boys, Eagles, Barenaked Ladies) WSB prides themselves on creative songwriting and masterful vocal harmony.


Aggressive, energetic, and musical rock n' roll with a punk mindset, Pavelle has been kicking butts around the tri-state area since 2013. 

The incredibly diverse musical tastes within the group lead to a very creative and unique output. 

They released their debut album, "My Beautiful Unknown" in 2016. 

Scott Tofte has performed with...
John Schmitt - Craig Greenberg - Mya Byrne - Andy Mac - Jeff Litman - John Brodeur - Bryan Dunn - Patrick Brennan - Chris Kelly -
Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes