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Decide To Try

Written by: Scott Tofte

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP)

Recorded:  "Decide To Try (Single)," 2020 / "Only Stars" by After The Echo, 2023

In isolation

I learned alot about my state of mind

The realization

That I’m never really quite as fine

As I thought I was

I apologize I’m not that kind of guy

I’m agitated and I’m ready for a fight

The grass is greener

But I’m stuck here  on the other side

Don’t feed me a line

When I’m ready I’ll decide

To try

This situation

Has meant a fair amount of compromise

The concentration

Required to simply even sympathize

Blows my mind

I’m  so sorry that I’ve gotten out of line 

I’m exhausted and I’m itching for a fight 

I’m not sleeping, i can barely close my eyes


It doesnt matter why

When I’m ready i’ll decide 

to try

Not looking for a good time

Stop asking me if I'm alright     

I walking on a high-wire

I’m tryin’ to make it out alive

When did this become my life?

I apologize I’m not that kind of guy

I’m agitated but I couldn’t tell you why

I’m on the backside

Of the middle of my prime

Guess I’ll say goodbye

It’s about time I decide to try

It's about the time I try

Gotta  get outside my mind

I'll try

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