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For Thee

Written by: Scott Tofte

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP)

Recorded:  "After The Echo" by After The Echo, 2019


I thought that I had found a thing worth living for

I thought that I had found a life

I saw the world that I had built come tumbling down

And I’m giving it all up without a fight

This thing that I had set my heart upon

Perhaps it was not meant to be

And every love I have from now until the end

I’m comparing every one to thee


They tell me to be thankful that I’ve got it made

They say it isn’t all that bad

But tell me what will they say when I’ve found another

That’s as good as any one I’ve ever had


I curse the dreams that keep me up at night

I curse the hours that i’m asleep

I curse the sun for setting ending every day

And I thank my lucky stars for thee


I’m stuck between the thing I think I want

And pressed against the thing I need

I’ve checked the boxes and the options have been weighed

And I’m giving all of myself to thee

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