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It's True

Written by: Scott Tofte

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP)

Recorded:  "After The Echo" by After The Echo, 2019


I watch the daylight turn to night with you

I’ll hold your hand but not too tight for you

I’d take you dancing even though I don’t know how to move


It’s true

What you do

I can’t tell which way is up

Or left from right, it’s true


I’ll keep you dry until the rain is through

I’ll hold you crying ‘til the pain’s subdued

I never twist your words or toss them back at you


You know It’s true

What you do

Is make me feel like I’m alive  

For the first time, you do


I know that you know I know better

And I think you think that I’m a fool

I’ve never been a real go-getter (go get her now)

But I’ve got to make a move

I’m not missin’ out on you

Yeah I feel like I could fly whenever I’m with you


Ive never ever wondered why with you

Ive never second-guessed my time with you

I thought it over, the conclusion that I drew


You know its’ true

What you do


Every song I write’s inspired by you, it’s true

Every step I take is one more nearer you

Every time I stop to think, I think of you

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