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Okay Now

Written by: Scott Tofte

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP)

Recorded:  "Please Excuse Me" by Scott Tofte, 2015 / "After The Echo" by After The Echo, 2019 

You don’t want to be my friend no more

Don’t want you to suffer through that chore

But I’m okay now

I’m okay now


You wonder why I might be insecure

Might be all your years of keeping score

But I’m okay now

I’m ready to play now

I’m okay now

That last step was a long way down

But I’m okay now

Anyway now

I have to be anyhow


I tried to make an effort, take a chance

You made fun when I would start to dance

But I’m ok now

I’m ok now

I’m okay now

spent some hard time in the lost and found

But I’m okay now

Anyway now

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Take you anywhere you’d want to go

Fake a smile, sit back, enjoy the show

Just a player in your selfish game

Where all the pieces start to look the same

I think I might be better off alone

With six strings and a spit-stained microphone

And I’m okay now

It’s my way now

I’m okay now

Put me on the last train out

I’m okay now

I’m okay now

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