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Maybe In New York

Written by: Scott Tofte

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP)

Recorded:  "After The Echo" by After The Echo, 2019


New York, could be a better place

If I had a chance to go

But upstate everyone knows my face

Life moves a little bit too slow

Down there opportunity awaits

They call it a long shot, this I know

I feel like I need a bit more on my plate

I am spending too much time here on my own

In New York

I could start it over

Born again I could pretend I’m on a roll

In New York

Baby it ain’t over

'til it’s over or I’m over this

I guess it’s out of my control

Some days, I try to fake it

I speak in cross-streets like it’s code

I never look both ways, don’t go to Broadway plays

I take the subway everywhere I go

In New York

I blend into the scenery

Ain’t nobody heard of me yet, I suppose

In New York

I’ll have a resurrection

New keys for my collection, finally some affection

How long before I go?

I have found when I’m New York City bound

Everything falls into place

Is this my fate? Canvassing the interstates

From Syracuse to Buffalo

The “Silver-City” no-one knows

Water Street to Watertown

I’ve been waiting to settle down

In New York

I’m filled with inspiration

Man my poetry is mirroring my prose

In New York

I know I could get over

315 I love ya, I’ll be thinkin’ of ya

Now it’s time to go

Maybe I'm

tired of CNY

Get me to NYC

Put me on NBC

Get me my A-X-E

Point me to Bleecker Street

Come and by my CD's

T-shirts and DVD's

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