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Written by: Scott Tofte and Brandon Warren

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP) / Branjomatic Music (ASCAP)

Recorded: "The New Deal" by WarrenScottBand, 2019

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Direct deposit, finally got it safe-secured in my account

I been hurtin’ with this burden got a negative amount

I’m in the black, I’m in the red. It won’t matter when I’m dead

Burning a hole down to the soles of my shoes, handin’ out my bread.


Went to college to get a job which only pays back student loans

Get the statements, make the payments or they’ll take everything I own

My interest rates are through the roof, I’ve got receipts if you need proof

In a mad dash for some fast cash, I pawned the filling from my tooth

Can't wait till pay day, checks already spent      

Damned car insurance, damned cellular, damned rent

Blame the taxes, price of gas, its barely enough to make a dent

All the money in the world, Mine's already spent


Paper money, it’s so funny. Haven’t seen it in a while

Over-drafted, pass the hat, kids….like it’s going out of style

Brother can you spare a dime? I’ve got to get to work on time

Punch the time card, working so hard but I can barely afford to rhyme

Can’t wait till pay day, check’s already spent

Damned television, damned high speed internet

Blame the government, the President, I’m barely making cents

All the money in the world…Mine’s already…….

Spent my last 5 bucks on a Beatles cassette

They say “Money Can’t Buy Me Love…” but it would get me out of debt

I think I need to buy a new pair of pants

But I just can’t..

…Wait till pay day, check’s already spent

Damned Great Recession, Damn Creditors, Get Bent!

Blame economics, Plate tectonics, you can blame my ex-girlfriend

All the money in the world, Mine’s already spent

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