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Too Alive

Written by: Scott Tofte

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP) 

Recorded: "Only Stars" by After The Echo, 2023


I’m the victim of a perfect crime

I didn’t even know

Somebody out there took all my time

Easy come, easy go


Pay attention

Open up your eyes

Or you’ll never recognize the devil in disguise


Hold tight to the 

Things that you adore

Because a criminal keeps coming back for more

I’m working way too much

And you might think I’m out of touch
I’m in too deep to take a dive

I’m too alive


I been diggin’ on a brand new vibe

Don’t ask me to explain

A new sensation that I can’t describe

But it keeps me entertained


I can’t define it

I wish I could

But I recognize it when I’m onto something good


A bit of mana

from lips of the divine 

You couldn’t understand it even if you tried

I’ve worked for much too long

I’m almost right where I belong

I’m not content to just survive

I’m too alive

I’m overcome

With a sense of certainty

I’m all-in with the devotees


I’m afflicted with a shiny new disease, 

I’m a people pleaser, people

Let me please

I’ve fought for far too long

I’m finally right where I belong

Looks like my moment has arrived

I’m too alive

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