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Would I Ever Have To Lie

Written by: Scott Tofte

Published by: Wrong Decade Music (ASCAP) 

Recorded: "After The Echo" by After The Echo, 2019


Am I a fool for being true?

Never spoke a bad word about you

Even when the times got rough


Here I be, stoic you see

Like nothing on earth is bothering me

And I think enough’s enough


It’s a shame, it’s sin

How I always let you win

If I didn’t, if you did 

Would I ever have to, ever have to lie? 


I've done as you please

Done as you‘ve asked

I've done it well and I’ve done it fast

Just tell me when I’m done


I’ve met your marks

I’ve passed your tests

I’ve proven myself above the rest

When can I be number one?


It’s a joke it’s a fib

How you walk around so glib

If you didn’t, if I did

Would I ever have to, ever have to lie


I’ll be the one that you can call when you’re hurt

I’ll give you when you’re cold my coat, my shirt

I thought that I could be the one to keep you happy and inspired

Baby through all that has transpired

You got me feeling like it’s a lie


Ive given you soil

I’ve given you sun

I’ve given my all and I’ve given my none

Yet we still grow apart


I need your smile

I desire your eyes

Your love is a drug and i’m losing my high

It’s compassion ala carte


It’s a waste of my time

So I commit the perfect crime

I fed you every line

'Cause it’s easier, much easier to lie

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