Wrong Decade Studio

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Affordable music and audio recording, production, and composition. 


For inquiries, email scotttofte@gmail.com


  • up to 8 simultaneous live tracks, on-location or at our sister studio, Studio Del Diablo in Williamsburg Brooklyn


  • Multitrack editing, mixing, and mastering services in Logic or Protools. 

  • Price varies based on project size. Starting cost is $50 per song, including revisions and consultation. 


  • In-House composition and recording of original instrument music for podcasts, commercials, etc.

  • Base level cost is $75 for a two-minute instrumental piece, including revisions and consultation.

Original Podcast Themes

Studio Demo Reel


Foggy Dudes

Craig Greenberg



Scott Tofte

Andy Mac

Meaghan Ferrell

The Runaway Clone

Chris McAllister

Geek By Night

Protagonist Podcast

TMNT Minute

Spider-man Minute

Countdown to Infinity

Minute Impossible

Disney Animated Minute Essentials

Tab and Bri Talk: Family Life

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