Wrong Decade Studio

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Affordable music and audio recording, editing, mixing, production, and composition. 


For inquiries, email scotttofte@gmail.com


  • up to 8 simultaneous live tracks, on-location or at our sister studio, Studio Del Diablo in Williamsburg Brooklyn


  • Multitrack editing, mixing, and mastering services in Logic or Protools. 

  • $40 per song for Mastering

  • $30/hour for Mixing. 

  • $30/hour for Editing


  • In-House composition and recording of original instrument music for podcasts, commercials, etc.

  • Base level cost is $75 for a two-minute instrumental piece, recorded in-house, featuring digital instrumentation plus live guitars or bass,

  • Tracks requiring live drums, horns, strings will incur extra costs. 

  • Longer tracks will incur extra costs.

  • All prices include revisions and consultation.

Email for an estiamte.


Popular Music:

Foggy Dudes

Craig Greenberg



After The Echo

Andy Mac

Meaghan Ferrell

Chris McAllister

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes

Live Recording:

The Runaway Clone


Geek By Night

TMNT Minute "Up From Below"


Geek By Night

TMNT Minute

Shredded Serial

Podcast Theme Composition:

Protagonist Podcast

TMNT Minute

Spider-man Minute

Countdown to Infinity

Minute Impossible

Disney Animated Minute Essentials

Tab and Bri Talk: Family Life

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