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The New Deal is the debut full-length album by NYC-based band, WarrenScottBand.

Preproduction began back in 2012. Brandon and Scott began sifting through songs that weren't used on their freshman EP, Sweet Bin Music. At the same time, they both continued to write more original music. They spent the next couple of years recording demos, writing, and hashing out the concept for what would become The New Deal.

In 2015, Will, Brandon, and Scott booked two days at Studio Del Diablo in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here, the basic drum and bass tracks for The New Deal were recorded by studio-owner Chris Kelly. 

Over the course of the next three and-a-half years, the band recorded the rest of the album with some help from an all-star cast of local musicians:

Mark Sophia - flute/oboe

Mitch Marcus - tenor/baritone sax

Michael Bell - electric guitar/mandolin/resonator

Carl Gallagher - banjo

Chris Kelly - organ/synth/trumpet/trombone

The album began to take shape during sessions recorded in the bands home studio. Often, the members of the band played multiple roles during the sessions:


Scott engineered and mixed the record in addition to playing drums, electric guitars, and keyboards. 

Will provided the electric and upright bass tracks, and masterfully produced and arranged all of the backing vocals sessions. 

Brandon was the primary acoustic guitarist, as well as performing harmonica, electric guitar and the lead vocals. He was also the most influential voice in the artistic direction of the album. 

By summer of 2019, the album, recorded entirely in-house and during their off-time, was mixed and sent off for mastering. 

"This album has truly been a labor of love. We hope you have as much fun listening to it as we had making it."


Album Review at "I Don't Hear a Single"


ST - She's a Little Bit Off started in about 2002, when I was in high school. The hook is exactly the same, but the verses are all different now. I was listening to a lot of Huey Lewis and The News. 

ST - Brandon and I started writing Saint Christopher while we were camping with his family in Canada back in...maybe 2008? It was an interesting challenge to write a catchy pop song about comedian Chris Farley, whom we both love. The lyrics "that time, that place, that was awesome" are an homage to his SNL sketch "The Chris Farley Show."

BW - One Hit Wonder likely had the earliest genesis of any tune on the album. I began this one in earnest at age 16 as your standard teenage angsty fare; largely informed by failures in love while in high school. By sophomore year of college, I had fleshed out the bulk of the lyrics and added a funky percussive Dave Matthews acoustic riff. Like him or not, he was hard to ignore as a 21st century troubadour. I loved the whimsy and (now ironic) nostalgia of the verses but the original white-boy raps chorus always left me wanting (despite a subtle and daring key shift which I absolutely love). The song ended up shelved for a half-decade before dusting it off in 2012 when Scott and I performed a chorusectomy. What resulted is the catchy and wistful lament you now hear. This song becomes more and more apropos each time I return to my home town. I hope you enjoy the extraordinarily meta evolution of a narrative begun during high school now pining for those very years.


Saint Christopher

B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

S. Tofte (Wrong Decade Music)

BW - electric guitar/vocal   

ST - drums/toy piano/synth/organ/vocals 

WP - bass guitar/vocals  MM - bari sax

Saturday Survivor

B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

BW - electric guitar/vocal   ST - drums/piano/

synth/electric guitars/vocals WP - bass guitar/

vocals  CK - organ  CG - banjo


B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

S. Tofte (Wrong Decade Music)

BW - acoustic guitar/electric guitar/vocal   

ST - drums/electric guitars/electric piano/

vocals  WP - bass guitar/vocals  CK - organ

MB - mandolin

Miss Moneypenny

B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

S. Tofte (Wrong Decade Music)

BW - electric guitar/vocal   

ST - drums/piano/electric guitar/12 string guitar/vocals WP - bass guitar/vocals  CK - organ  MM - tenor sax/baritone sax

Good Afternoon

S. Tofte (Wrong Decade Music)

BW - acoustic guitar/vocal   

ST - drums/electric guitars/organ/vocals 

WP - bass guitar/vocals 

Nancy Lee

B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

BW - electric guitar/acoustic guitar/12 string guitar/harmonica/vocal   ST - drums/timpani/

piano/alto sax/trumpet/trombone/vocals

WP - upright bass/vocals  CK - PAIA string synth/glockenspiel/trumpet/trombone 

MM - baritone sax MS - flute/oboe 

MB - resonator  CG - banjo

BW - Brandon Warren

ST - Scott Tofte

WP - Will Prapestis

CK - Chris Kelly

MM - Mitch Marcus

MB - Michael Bell

CG - Carl Gallagher

MS - Mark Sophia

The New Deal

B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

BW - electric guitar/12-string  guitar/vocal   

ST - drums/electric guitar/synth/vocals     

WP - bass guitar/vocals  CK - organ

One Hit Wonder

B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

S. Tofte (Wrong Decade Music)

BW - acoustic guitar/electric gutiar/vocal     

ST - drums/slide guitar/clavinet/vocals       

WP - bass guitar/vocals  CK - organ 

MM - bari sax

Something 2 Listen 2

B. Warren (Branjomatic Music)

BW - electric guitar/harmonica/vocal   

ST - drums/electric piano/vocals     

WP - bass guitar/vocals 

She's a Little Bit Off

S. Tofte (Wrong Decade Music)

BW - electric guitar/vocal   

ST - drums/piano/synth/electric guitars/vocals 

WP - bass guitar/vocals  CK - organ

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